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Dirty Dancing 
Year: 1987 
Call No: VHS D 
Land of Storms 
Call No: DVD L 
Victor Victoria 
Year: 1982 
Call No: VHS V 
Perfect Obedience 
Call No: DVD P 
Broken Sky 
Call No: DVD B 
Year: 1987 
Call No: VHS M 
The Memory Chalet 
Edition: First Edition 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 1594202893 
ISBN 13: 9781594202896 
Call No: 920.71 JUD 
Of Drag Kings And the Wheel of Fate 
Edition: 2 
Year: 2006 
ISBN: 1933110511 
ISBN 13: 9781933110516 
Call No: FT SMI 
An Inexpressible State of Grace 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 1560234695 
ISBN 13: 9781560234692 
Call No: FL ABB 
One Degree of Separation 
Edition: First Printing 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 1931513309 
ISBN 13: 9781931513302 
Call No: FL KAL